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the iGrow ™

The iGrow™ is now available at Tom Magliaro's. Tm Hair Additions is your Headquarters for Houston Hair Restoration.

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Mens Hair Loss

We have perfected the science and art of hair replacement so you never have to worry about your appearance again. The latest technology that we offer can give you the look, comfort and flexibilty that even your own hair never could. Whatever the hair loss problem is, we have the solution.

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Womens Hair Loss

Long hair? Full hair? Straight, curly, bouncy or sleek hair? The whole universe of style, texture and length is now yours. Natural, invisible hair restoration. From thinning hair to pattern baldness, women can now get the hair they have always wanted.

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Medical Hair Loss

Whether the hair loss is from chemotherapy treatments, radiation, alopecia or possibly burns or scars; we offer customized solutions. Unlike synthetic wigs, our products give the beauty and comfort of real, human hair. We are capable of mimicing the original style and look prior to the medically related hair loss.

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Laser Hair Therapy

If you are in the early stages of thinning or pattern baldness, there are now options to prevent the situation from getting any worse. We offer low-level laser treatments and different at-home devices that have now been FDA cleared to stimulate growth. Stop the progression of hair loss and call to set up a consultation. You can hear about the different options we have and see if you are a candidate for laser therapy with a required, complimentary scalp analysis.

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Greath Length Hair Extensions

We are proud to introduce "Great Lengths" - the very latest in hair extension technology. To women everywhere wanting to add style, length, color, and volume to your hair, we now have a revolutionary method of adding long, thick, human hair to your own.

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Local Press & Awards

For Breat Cancer Awareness Tom Magliaro was on channel 2 news with information about medical hair loss options.

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Tom Magliaro's Hair Additions has been part of Marvin's Zindler's Angel Network for a number of years.

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Tom Magliaro's is featued on Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan. Tom tells his story of how he got his start and what sparked his career into the hair industry.

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Hollywood and its stars have been battling thinning hair for years. Now one of the secret weapons in the fight has arrived in Houston.

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